How to Gather Feedback on the Employee OE Experience

Getting employee feedback on company processes like Open Enrollment is an important way to show that you’re listening to your employees and taking their feelings into account.

This year, a completely virtual enrollment could have created ease of use or caused more  confusion. Asking employees for feedback on their Open Enrollment experience will help you identify where your initiatives have succeeded, as well as areas for improvement.

After Open Enrollment is complete, consider asking your employees the following questions about their overall experience:

  1. How would you rate your overall enrollment experience? How could it be improved?
  2. How easy was it to enroll in benefits?
  3. Did you feel your benefits enrollment platform was conducive to online enrollment? 
  4. Was the benefits enrollment platform user friendly? 
  5. How long did it take you to enroll in benefits? 

On average, employees only spend 18 minutes enrolling in benefits. This is likely because they have waited until the end of the period to enroll, or they find using multiple vendors confusing. Improving benefits engagement requires making benefits platforms easier to use, understand, and elect. 

Using an online portal with self-service features could be especially helpful in reminding employees of critical dates and allowing them additional time to browse options at their own convenience. 

Benefits enrollment software also inherently reduces error and ensures compliance. For instance, SHRM estimates an error rate of 3 percent occurs on total benefit premiums when the administration is processed manually. Online platforms provide reliability, accuracy, and convenience for your workforce, encouraging employee engagement and participation. They are a compelling solution to the manual inefficiencies and discrepancies that occur with paper enrollment. 

Using technology that is seamlessly integrated with HR and payroll can drastically improve both administrators’ and employees' enrollment experience. 

Namely’s Benefits Administration and paperless enrollment wizard and instinctual platform design make enrolling in and updating benefits selections a breeze—saving time, reducing errors, and increasing employee engagement. 

With Namely’s Managed Benefits, Benefits Advisors also go the extra mile to assist you with importing all of your plans into the platform to ensure you can streamline Open Enrollment and manage ongoing changes, all within Namely. You can also upload benefits guides and FAQs to your company resources folder within Namely, so employees can review plans and policies on their own time. Namely ensures that all users have a worry-free and productive enrollment experience.

Asking for employee feedback on their OE experience is crucial, but it’s also important to survey them about your benefits offerings and overall communication. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered in Namely’s Open Enrollment Feedback Template.

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