Confessions of an HR Software Buyer: 4 Common Questions

Asking questions can be scary business. Did you want me to work over the holiday? Is this business dinner on the company? What’s that creepy growling coming from the utility closet? (It’s always the radiator.)

One question that should never be scary: How do I start searching for HR software?

We’ve got you covered. Below, find the four most commonly asked HR software questions as you start your hunt, taken straight from our step-by-step Ultimate Guide to Buying HR Software for Your Growing Business.

Ask ‘em loud, ask ‘em proud, and face your fear today.


1. Are we too small to have our own system?

Even one-employee companies buy their own payroll software. But, companies with less than 20 employees typically outsource HR. Once you hit the 20 mark, it’s probably time to consider in-house solutions.


2. What if I have different systems to manage all HR?

Most companies work to consolidate their HR systems as they grow, starting with core HRIS and then adding modules as priorities dictate.


3. I outsource HR. Should I invest in software?

Most companies return their investment on HR software in two to five months. They save time and money, but more importantly, they can now manage their most important asset—their people.


4. Can we save money doing our own payroll or benefits?

Many companies cut their costs by 30-50%, not to mention software can help you gain control and flexibility over processes. Kiss those high outsourcing fees goodbye.

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