Can These 6 HR Managers Benefit Using a Management Platform?

When it comes to office decor, everyone seems to have their own style. Some have family photos, plants, trophies, or branded collateral from events. Some have stacks of paper piled but still know exactly where everything is. Some prefer to keep things clutter-free and use digital storage.

Your office decor might even reveal your management style.

Here are a few management styles commonly seen in the office and how they might benefit from using a management platform like Namely:


1. The Modern Millennial

Raised in the Millennial generation, you are all about using modern tools to increase efficiency and cut down on paper waste. Your employees usually see you juggling a phone in one hand and a tablet in the other while sitting at your computer.

Your desk remains mostly empty since you keep your documents filed electronically. Personally, you prefer using a cloud storage platform, but you aren’t sure how to get everyone else at the office on board.

In this case, a management platform like Namely’s would be a great addition to your digital organization in the office. The platform makes task management, sharing documents, and communication among team members seamless.


2. The Veteran

As a veteran manager, you’ve been around the block a few times. You’ve probably managed several companies back in the day, leading to a position of long tenure at your current company. 

Plaques and awards adorn your office wall. On your desk lies an engraved silver name plate and nice pens-- the kind you would find in a jewelry case. You see your younger employees walking around tapping their iPhones and talking about saving things to a Google drive, but you’d prefer to do things the old-fashioned way with paper. You’d even admit to being a little behind the times.

Though advancements in technology might be moving faster than you’d like to keep up with, automating traditional HR processes will save time, and therefore money, in the long-run. Have you ever filed paperwork and had trouble finding it a few months later? A document storage platform like Namely’s stores everything in digital format so it can be easily accessed with a simple search.


3. The Office Parent

A candy bowl sits on the edge of your desk, your bookshelf is flooded by pictures of your family, and your door is always open. If you’re the office parent, you would know because yours is the office everyone stops in to just to say “hi” and chat about what happened over the weekend. You’re always willing to offer a listening ear, advice, and the always appreciated piece of candy.

Because of their welcoming nature that radiates the message “sit down and stay a while,” office parents can have trouble keeping everything moving along as far as work projects. Employees easily become distracted, or worse, learn they can kill time that would typically be productive.

A task management software would greatly benefit a team under this management style because tasks are assigned through a platform that will help keep everyone on track and accountable.


4. The Artist

Artist managers are commonly found directing all things creative at firms and agencies, but sometimes they are owners of small businesses like retail stores or cafes.

Doodles rest under other papers and a coffee mug or two. You may even keep charcoal or a paint brush in your drawer-- just in case. You keep running unwritten lists in your head of tasks to accomplish and prefer to use the term “organized chaos” when describing your workspace to others.

The artist manager can really benefit from using an automated human capital management software. Employee profiles are linked to an integrated work calendar so no important dates are missed. All tasks can be assigned on the management platform, integrated with company goals so your team remains focused. More importantly, all aspects of team and project management are in one place, reducing your chances of something important being overlooked.


5. The Workaholic

Because you’re always the first to arrive at the office and the last one to leave, your employees wonder if you sleep. Rumors say you keep a pull-out bed in your desk drawer. It doesn’t bother you, though. You live to work and value making sure projects are on track more than your personal life. “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” is your catchphrase.

As a workaholic manager, you can really benefit from using an automated task management software to streamline projects. You might be hesitant to step away at first, but when you see how easy it is to communicate with the team and assign tasks -- even with mobile -- you will appreciate the time it saves you. You might even feel comfortable leaving work on time.


6. The Escapist

You can tell by the “I’d rather be *insert hobby here*” signs and pictures of your favorite hobby that you value the life in work-life balance more than most. You appreciate your job as a manager, but if you had things your way, you’d be getting paid to surf, fish, hike -- you name it. During downtime in the office, your employees catch you daydreaming about being on the boat or in the mountains again.

There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming, but maybe you’d be a little happier at the office if you felt more engaged. It appears your employees could be more engaged at work, as well, because currently the team feels a little disconnected and goals are off track.

Try using an interactive platform that will help engage employees through an interactive calendar, a task manager, and cascading goals. By using a platform everyone has access to, your team can celebrate milestones and see how their performance brings your company closer to achieving goals.

Regardless of your style, all managers can benefit from using an integrated management platform to help keep the team on track. Whether you need to feel more engaged at the office or a better system for organizing projects, a platform like Namely’s could significantly improve your office workflow.

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