Your Open Enrollment Survival Guide

Your Open Enrollment Survival Guide

If there’s such a thing as a human resources boogeyman, this is it. There are few things that strike fear into the hearts of HR leaders quite like open enrollment, or the sliver of time employees have to select their benefits each year. While your actual enrollment period rarely extends beyond a few weeks, behind-the-scenes planning can take as long as six months. Adding insult to injury, 50 percent of employees will rate your efforts as average or worse.

Whether this is your first go-around or fifteenth, welcome to open enrollment bootcamp! From how to shop for plans to how to draft an employee communication strategy, we’ve put everything you need to know in one place. In our new guide, How to Run Open Enrollment Like a Pro, we’ll cover how to:


  • Build a competitive benefits package

  • Leverage voluntary benefits

  • Evaluate and implement enrollment software

  • Communicate with employees via email and in-person

  • Run a post-mortem and plan for next year

We know the benefits industry loves jargon—that’s why we included a handy benefits glossary as well. Never mistake a DPO for a PPO or EPO ever again. Click below to download our free guide:

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