The Definitive Guide to Payroll

Behind the scenes, making payday a reality takes a lot of hard work. Between navigating IRS reporting requirements and federal and state taxes, there isn’t much time left for HR to focus on actual employee needs. Annually, businesses squander over 80 hours (or two work weeks) on payroll taxes alone. And frankly, you didn’t get a degree in Human Resources to spend all day grappling over the difference between FUTA and FICA.

Whether you consider yourself a novice or seasoned veteran, we’ve put together everything you need to know about HR’s most grueling responsibility. In our Definitive Guide to Payroll, we cover a broad range of topics, from how to tax supplemental wages to more basic matters, like determining which pay frequency is right for your company. Are you a multistate employer? Our payroll guide has you covered, too.

Payroll processing day doesn’t have to be scary. Learn how to enjoy payday again by downloading our guide below.

Go beyond the guide and discover how cloud-based HR makes running payroll easier than ever.

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