Introducing... The HR Job Title Generator

There’s no denying it, HR professionals are starting to think outside of the box when it comes to job titles. HR often gets a bad rap as “the Principal’s office” or “the fun police,” but creative titles are helping to rebrand HR professionals as the heroes they are.

HR understands the importance of a job title better than anyone. In fact, Namely’s HR Careers Report revealed that an increasing number of HR professionals are adopting unconventional titles, such as “Office Happiness Champion” or “Head of Optimistic People.” These titles are arguably more authentic descriptors of the HR function, and they help break common stereotypes around the department.

This burgeoning trend draws on the human side of HR, highlighting their heroic tasks—be it running payroll, planning a holiday celebration, or curating a top-notch benefits plan at the best price. Not all heroes wear capes, but most do have a special name. Why should HR be any different?

If your title needs a refresh, you’re in luck! Our HR title generator will spin up a brand new job title just for you. Answer three simple questions and get your customized HR job title. While you may not put it on your business card (yet), you can at least think of yourself as an Ingenious Engagement Guru or Big League Tax Maven.

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