Update: Autosave for Reviews and Greenhouse Integration

It’s the end of summer over here at Namely HQ, and although we’re thrilled that fall is finally here (read: sweaters. Cozy, cozy sweaters), we’re even more excited for Namely’s September product update. This month, we’re writing with advance notice on the major features that we’ll release in the coming days. So, grab a fistful of candy corn, read on for our new usability enhancements, and see how Namely is making work even easier for HR professionals.

Autosave for Performance Reviews

Losing your work when you forget to save is the worst. That’s why we’ve enabled autosave for performance reviews. A new bar at the top of the screen will now display a timestamp confirming your latest autosave, so you know your progress is safe. It’s a little update that adds big value— and it’s already live and ready to use.

While we still can’t prevent you from spilling your morning hot cider on your keyboard (excellent choice, by the way), we’ve got your autosave covered.

Drag and Drop Functionality in Resources

Uploading and organizing your company resources in Namely is about to get a lot easier. Later this month, we’ll be enabling drag and drop functionality to the Resources page, allowing you to add or sort your important documents and links with fewer clicks.

Enhanced Integration with Greenhouse

Over the coming months, we’ll be enhancing our integrations with applicant tracking systems, and we’ve started with our friends at Greenhouse. Our existing Greenhouse integration allows you to automatically create a new employee profile in Namely once a candidate is hired. This month’s update increases the number of fields that automatically flow from Greenhouse to Namely. Now, you can create custom field mappings for any additional data you’d like to include.


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