QUIZ: Are Your Prepared for the Future of HR?

QUIZ: Are Your Prepared for the Future of HR?

Let's admit it: Some HR processes are still stuck in the past. Many recruiters still work in a world of manual processing—sorting resumes, posting jobs manually, you name it. Right beside them, several of today's HR managers can't get past day-to-day administration. They stay out of the executive teams way when they should be strategizing right along with them.


Fortunately, HR technology—plus a new, eager generation of talent—are here to change all that. The only question is: Are you ready?


Take our quiz and find out! See how familiar you are with:


  • The number of passive candidates open to talking with a recruiter
  • The average time to hire in today's market
  • Who uses tech for onboarding and performance management


Then, check out the Namely and Jazz on-demand webinar “The Future of Recruiting and Talent Management." Tune in today and leave with the tips you need to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

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