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How I Went from Soccer Pro to the HR Industry

Former international soccer player Kevin Dzierzawski shares how Namely helped him make a huge transition into the business world. 


How to Manage Sick Employees Who Won’t Stay Home

It’s that time of year again. Here’s how to stop the spread in your office.

11_2017_ThankfulForHR_Blog Thumbnail.png

Why These Employees are Thankful for HR

Just in time for Thanksgiving, four employees share how their HR teams have made a personal and professional impact at their companies.

10_2017_SeasonalWorkers_Blog Thumbnail.png

4 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Workers

The cultural and compliance considerations you’ll need to make when bringing on seasonal staff.


How to Handle Mis-Hires

Here’s what to do when you realize the perfect candidate isn’t so perfect after all.


How to Engage Your Passive Candidates

Six tips to set your organization apart and help you attract the ideal candidate.

07_2017_HRCareer_Blog Thumbnail.png

Want to Advance Your Career? Step Outside the HR Bubble

HR experts advise that one of the best ways to get ahead is to spend time learning non-HR business functions.


Should HR Be Friends With Employees?

HR professionals share how they draw the line between friendly and professional employee relationships.

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Meet Namely: Rhiannon Lococo

This Associate Product Manager shares how she moved from retail sales to product management.

10_2017_SHRMvsPHR_Blog Thumbnail.png

HR Certifications: SHRM vs. HRCI

Should you get certified? We break down your options.


5 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask

We break down some of recruiting’s less obvious taboos.

10_2017_StandingDesks_Blog Thumbnail.png

Are Standing Desks Now a Workplace Must?

Nearly 50% of companies now offer the office perk.