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Want to Build a Better Workplace? Follow These 3 Companies

The past year has been full of important milestones. Earlier today, Namely announced the appointment of our CEO, Elisa Steele, as well as $60 million in additional funding to help our clients build a better workplace.

Meet Elisa Steele, Namely’s CEO

We’re excited to announce that Elisa Steele has been appointed Namely’s CEO. She’s a seasoned tech executive, Namely Board Member, and brings over 25 years of leadership experience to the table. Elisa has held the position of Head of the Office of the CEO since May, previously was the CEO of Jive Software, and has held senior leadership roles at Microsoft, Yahoo!, Skype, and Sun Microsystems, among others.

Namely Appoints Elisa Steele as CEO and Raises $60 Million

Namely’s mission is to help mid-sized companies build better workplaces. In other words, we want to change how the world works. To realize a goal that audacious, it takes the right mix of leadership and resources.

What ‘Gen Z’ Employees Really Want

With unemployment at historic lows, it’s never been harder to hire top talent. In response, recruiters and HR professionals alike have all reached for “game changing” perks to seal the deal, like unlimited vacation, free beer, or even nap pods. We’ve been told that employees value different things based on their age—baby boomers want stability and millennials need flexibility, or so the stereotypes go.

3 Tips for Conducting an HR Audit

The field of human resources is changing. In our HR Redefined series, we give innovators a medium to share personal reflections, professional advice, and best practice guidance.

How to Build a Microlearning Strategy with Impact

Whether you like it or not, our workplaces are shifting. Depending on your size and industry, you’ll see this play out in a variety of different ways. Traditional siloed and hierarchical structures are being replaced with more team-centric collaboration, less formal titles, and more influence without authority.

Introducing the Namely HR Scholarship

At Namely’s second annual HR Redefined conference, we made an exciting announcement: applications are now open for the Namely HR Scholarship. Not only are we committed to revolutionizing HR software, we’re also committed to helping HR professionals advance their careers. The Namely HR Scholarship will recognize outstanding HR professionals who are ready to take the next step and make an outsized impact on the field of HR.

Product Update: 401K Administration, Mobile Paystubs, and More

Work is evolving. Companies are global, employees are mobile, and data has never been more important. To stay relevant, HR technology needs to keep up.

IMHRO: Why Unlimited Vacation Isn’t a ‘Fool’s Errand’

Namely’s series, In My HR Opinion, brings you honest takes on the hottest HR topics and trends, straight from industry leaders.

IMHRO: HR Should NOT Use Social Media to Influence Personnel Decisions

Namely’s series, In My HR Opinion, brings you honest takes on the hottest HR topics and trends, straight from industry leaders.

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