Mark Miller

Mark Miller

Mark Miller is Vice President of Marketing for Emergenetics International. Companies use the Emergenetics profile and tools to discover how employees think and behave, all to boost effective communication and productivity among the whole company. Mark is a regular contributor to LinkedIn's blog platform and Innovation Excellence. Check out the Emergenetics Blog and connect with Mark and the team on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Recent Articles


3 Steps to Hacking Your Productivity

What makes us more productive? Is it when we narrow in on a task in the one particular way we work best, or is it when we open ourselves up to multiple ways of thinking to tackle a problem—maybe with outside help? It’s an interesting question because it’s wrapped up in the definition of productivity itself. Let's start with an example.


5 Ways to Define Your Leadership

When you get down to it, leadership is pretty tricky to define. We like to think we just know it when we see it. Look up “leadership” on Google and in 0.28 seconds you have 477,000,000 results. A massive number, sure, but I don’t think it’s the definition that’s at the heart of the issue… it is the action of leading that is the hardest part.


The Impact of Company Culture on Employee Retention

As companies everywhere continue their quest to become lasting brands, there’s more and more evidence that those performing best financially also perform extremely well when it comes to company culture. A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group reveals that leadership and talent management performance strongly correlate to financial performance. Companies that rank highest on 20 leadership and talent management capabilities increase revenue 2.2 times faster than companies lagging on those capabilities. And guess what one of the six talent management capabilities is? Culture.

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