Klein Aleardi

Klein Aleardi

Klein Aleardi is an Editorial Intern at Namely, the HR, payroll, and benefits platform built for today's employees. Connect with Klein and the Namely team on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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4 Questions to Ask Before Building a Workplace Mentorship Program

Employees love to grow—whether it’s learning new skills or furthering their career—and they look to their company for the training and development. LinkedIn's 2018 Workplace Learning Report showed that 94 percent of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development. As HR professionals, you know giving employees what they love is top priority.

How Automation Drives Revinate's Employee Experience—and its ROI on Namely

“For my entire childhood, until I was off my dad’s medical plan, my name was spelled wrong,” said Revinate’s Senior HR Manager, Kristin Wyke. “Every time I went to the doctor I would say, ‘no, that’s the wrong spelling.’”

Case Study: How Tolunay-Wong Engineering Self-Funded Benefits

When faced with high healthcare prices, some companies delegate a part of that cost to their employees. Others get creative in the best interest of their employees.

Active Enrollment Helps You Provide the Best Benefits

Open enrollment may be one of the more hectic times of the year for HR professionals. Data must be collected, plans must be set up, employees must make a choice, and it all is coordinated by a single department, sometimes a single person. The lasting effects put it at the top of many HR professionals’ priority lists—right next to offering the best benefits.


Tips & Tricks From HR Professionals

Human resources is at the heart of any organization. Taking care of your people is the key to a successful business, and that means HR professionals need to communicate, connect, and collaborate.

3 Payroll Practices to Build A Strong HR Foundation

When Namely’s Payroll Operations Manager, Jim Kohl, started working in payroll in 2005, HR directors would physically call him to report and input employee’s hours. The phone call was replaced by fax and then eventually email. Today, payroll tends to be virtually paperless and driven by cloud-based applications.

Congress: What a Brief Session Has in Store for Employee Legislation

This is the last opportunity for Congress to hone in on controversial employee legislation before the dash to re-election begins.  

Seattle Proposes 'Secure Scheduling' Rule

The city that’s taken the lead in minimum wage rules, paid parental leave, and mandated sick leave, is taking the fight to erratic schedules.

DOL Releases 'Blacklisting' Rule for Fed Contractors

With a new regulation, employers looking to win lucrative federal contracts will have to keep their HR compliance record clean.

Pro-Employee vs. Pro-Employer: The Future of HR Compliance

The fate of employee legislation has swayed between pro-employee and pro-employer trends for decades. While the current legislation leans in favor of employees, the coming years will be shaped by political appointments, state decisions, and most importantly, the 2016 election. The future of HR compliance may seem a little foggy, but we’re here to clear it up with our new report, The Pro-Employee Tide: Trends in HR Compliance.

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