Katie Kuchta

Katie Kuchta

Katie Kuchta is the Marketing Manager for the growth-stage startup, LawnStarter Lawn Care. When she’s not working, she can be found at a live show in downtown Austin, exercising at a local studio, or eating the many delicious tacos Austin has to offer.

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Hiring for High-Growth: 5 Tips For Finding Top Talent

You’re moving at a million miles per hour and you need the right people to help. How do you keep up with your growing company’s talent needs, while still keeping up with your other responsibilities? One of the most common challenges among growth-stage startups is recruitment. Often, organizations at this stage do not have an internal recruiter or team dedicated to hiring. Without a team that knows your business inside and out, the standard recruitment-to-onboarding process can take months. As much as we all wish we could decrease that timeline, speeding up the process and hiring the wrong person can cost you. When it comes to hiring, it’s better to be safe than swift.

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