Jen Cullen

Jen Cullen

Driven by wanting to understand how employees can best experience their work, Jen helps business leaders utilize workforce statistics to uncover insights. She works with key decision makers on how to collect, understand, and act on their employee feedback data. Prior to joining Culture Amp as the Vice President of People Science, Jen received her PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

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4 Key Practices for Successful Employee Surveys

Individual feedback from employees is invaluable, but it can be hard to collect that type of feedback at scale. As your company grows, surveys allow you to gather structured data, both quantitative and qualitative, across the entire employee journey. Culture Amp’s Global Head of People & Experience, Julie Rogers, explains, “As an HR leader, people tell me their challenges, and I get personal insights. However, the aggregated data through a survey tells me a story reflecting the overall view of where the challenges are. That's important because otherwise you're just hearing one voice.”

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