Eric Knudsen, Ph.D.

Eric Knudsen, Ph.D.

Eric Knudsen is a Manager of People Analytics at Namely, the HR, payroll, and benefits platform built for today's employees. Connect with Eric and the Namely team on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Pay Equity Begins With Awareness

Today, April 2, 2019 is Equal Pay Day in the United States. Last year, it was on April 10. In 2017, it was April 4. Why does the date change each year? Well, Equal Pay Day is held every year on the day that women have to work until they earn the income that men earned in the prior calendar year. In other words, women had to work from January 1, 2018 until April 2, 2019 (today) to earn what men earned in the calendar year of 2018.


Anatomy of a Benchmark

Namely recently launched our Benchmarking Package to clients, an offering which provides quarterly reports of company-specific insights with tailored benchmark data layered directly on top. Never before has it been so easy for mid-sized companies to understand the health of their talent compared to other companies just like them.


Getting Started with People Analytics

The field of people analytics is constantly exploding with innovation: Wegman's reinvented the annual benefits survey, Google taught us what good managers look like, and many other companies have conducted and written about their internal analytics work. But have you taken a moment to think about how you can benefit from your own people data?


Simpson's Diversity Index: The Diversity Metric You Aren’t Tracking Yet

How do you currently measure employee diversity in your organization? Like many others, your business probably measures the breakdown of gender, ethnicity, and other employee demographics. Such breakdowns (e.g., 45 percent female / 55 percent male) are very common for organizations to monitor and action as “outcomes” of diversity initiatives (e.g., “Did the introduction of a structured interview process increase diversity in our workplace?”). But how do we know if our diversity efforts have succeeded?


Why Every HR Pro Should Understand Quality of Hire

Quality of hire has long been considered the “holy grail” metric for recruiters. Though the methods used to build the metric typically vary by organization (and rightfully so, given how unique organizations are), the objective remains the same: understand how well the hiring process is working. Historically, quality of hire has largely been the responsibility of talent acquisition teams—but it’s time for all members of the HR team to reap the benefits of this rich metric.

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3 Tips for Building a Gender-Equal Workplace

Over the last few years, the differing experiences of men and women in the workplace have been subject to both media attention and national legislation. As the workplace evolves, employers continue to face opportunities to ensure that they’re building a happy and healthy workplace for their employees. While it may seem obvious to say “consider gender in your workplace!”, sometimes it’s the most basic needs of employees that are overlooked.


Do You Trust HR Data?

For years, many companies have relied largely on intuition and 6 important HR metrics when it comes to people analytics. But in the face of rapidly-evolving ideas, methods, and tools in this space, many people have been challenged to consider their trust in data and the science that it is—ideally—based on. Even when these new data-gathering technologies have been relentlessly tested and their insights supported, HR data can still be met with some degree of skepticism.

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