Emil Hajric

Emil Hajric

Emil Hajric is the founder and CEO of Helpjuice - a powerful knowledge management software company. Emil is an organizational learning expert & author of "Knowledge Management: A Theoretical and Practical Guide for Knowledge Management in Your Organization."

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4 Steps to Build an Effective Training and Development Program

As a new generation enters the workforce, there is an even more pressing need to invest in workplace learning and development. As the baby boomer generation moves toward retirement––taking years of valuable expertise with them––millennials are quickly becoming the dominant group in the workforce. In fact, millennials are on track to make up 75 percent of employees by 2020. However, of this vast talent pool, 43 percent of millennials intend to change jobs in the next two years. As the talent market grows increasingly competitive, businesses are scrambling to encourage retention and remediate the effects of high turnover.

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