Connie Benton

Connie Benton

Connie Benton is a passionate freelance writer and regular contributor for She writes about work, millennial culture, and creativity.

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Can Spending Less Time at Work Make You More Productive?

Can spending less time at the office actually make you more productive? Microsoft Japan thinks so

In fact, when the company tested a four-day workweek in 2019, they reported a productivity boost of 40 percent.

Still, many top-performing economies have an extremely, perhaps overly, dedicated workforce. Some Americans value work ethics so heavily they associate themselves with more with their jobs than with their hobbies—and it’s even where many find the most value in their lives. In China, many workers abide by the 996 system, which means working from 9 AM to 9 PM., six days a week. South Korea is among the countries with the longest work week, with workers in the office for an average of 2,069 hours per year.

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