Cassie Sanchez

Cassie Sanchez

Cassie Sanchez is a Content Marketing Manager at PayScale. She’s a writer, editor and marketer and is probably researching something right now. Learning’s her favorite.

Recent Articles


Should You Put a Two-Year Limit on Employment?

What if all of your employees changed or left their roles every two years, no matter what? It’s something a San Francisco-based startup called Jolt has been trying out for the past year, and it sounds...interesting. And I don’t mean “interesting” like “pretty weird, but I should use a more polite adjective”; I genuinely mean interesting. The experiment could be great—or not, but for now: I’m intrigued.


Are Standing Desks Now a Workplace Must?

Having spent the past three years on Seattle’s technology startup scene, I’m no stranger to standing desks (or, for that matter, far stranger office perks). I’m not a big fan myself—I go for a walk when I need to move—but I know many of my past and present coworkers consider a chest-height workstation essential. I even know folks who never sit at their desk (only in meetings). No, thank you!

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