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Ben Mueller

Ben Mueller is a Content Writer at Namely, the HR, payroll, and benefits platform built for today's employees. Connect with Ben and the Namely team on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Employee Benefits 101: An Employer Guide for Growing Companies (Part One)

Welcome to Employee Benefits 101, a collaboration with Namely’s very own benefits team. Below is the first of two in our series on managing benefits at your growing company. Part Two is available here.


Namely Ranked #1 for 2016 Competitive Potential in HCM Market

We are pleased to share that Namely was recently featured in The Starr Conspiracy’s 2015 Human Capital Management (HCM) Vendor Brandscape Report, a comprehensive analysis of the trends, technologies, and top vendors in the market.  In the report, HCM vendors were assessed on two dimensions:


Performance Reviews: Abolish or Adapt?

Samuel A. Culbert is the most recent management expert to reignite a long-standing human resources debate, one as old as HR itself. The professor at the Anderson School of Management at the University of California at Los Angeles recently published his article “Get rid of the performance review” in the Chicago Tribune.


Do You Offer the Right Employee Perks?

Employee perks at a startup—snack rooms, ping pong tables, or napping pods—are a wonderful cliché second only to the Steve Jobs poster hanging in the developers’ lounge. Stereotypical as some perks may be, their cultural impact cannot be underestimated. Snack rooms are, in reality, close-quarter conversation starters, and happy hours turn into unexpected strategy sessions.

Banning Workplace Technology? Think Again.

What’s an office productivity tool that you can’t live without? Maybe it’s HipChat’s next-level instant messaging. Or do you manage products with ease in Basecamp? Oh, I got it: You can’t get your work done without the visual aid of Trello boards.

4 Payroll Tips For Going Digital

When it comes to HR professionals, technology just can’t replace the human touch of strategic decision-making. Think of HR tech as your set of invaluable digital tools, the kind that suit up Iron Man so he can accelerate office work like never before. It’s the professional’s 21st century workplace armor.


Digital Disruption: HR Tech Takeaways at NYC's HR Unconference

Last Friday, New York’s very first HR Unconference brought together every kind of HR professional under the sun: practitioners, solution providers, consultants, volunteers, eager learners, and everyone in-between. As the event's name suggests, the sessions were just as unique as the faces in the crowd.


Confessions of an HR Software Buyer: 4 Most Commonly Asked Questions

Asking questions can be scary business. Did you want me to work over the holiday? Is this business dinner on the company? What’s that creepy growling coming from the utility closet? (It’s always the radiator.)


5 Reasons Why Smart Teamwork Works

It’s amazing how the archetypes of the middle school project perfectly mirror our office teams: the over-talker, the silent one, the lazy one, and the gal who actually gets everything done. And just like the ol’ days, there’s nothing worse than a team meeting that doesn’t accomplish anything (a quick fix for boosting company culture is to simply cut meetings in half).


5 Tips for Managing Remote Workers

Wi-Fi has officially taken the office everywhere: hotel rooms, airplanes, and space stations (interstellar internal operations, anyone?) are now the remote worker’s dreamspace. Whether once a week or fully remote, you may fear as a manager that your star employee’s distance from homebase will make them more, well, spacey.

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