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Ben Mueller

Ben Mueller is a Content Writer at Namely, the HR, payroll, and benefits platform built for today's employees. Connect with Ben and the Namely team on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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The latest product updates to Namely's payroll platform

July Product Update: New Integrations and Payroll Enhancements

Welcome to Namely’s July Product Update! We created Namely to deliver a simple, seamless HR experience for you and your employees. That's why we have an open API, integrations with like-minded partners, and a continued focus on usability.


June Product Update: Faster Payroll and Organized Company Resources

Happy summer, and welcome to our June Product Update! As you may know, any time saved at a growing company is time put back into improving your business. This month, we’ve made Namely faster and easier to navigate, so companies can take valuable minutes back—and put them towards planning the most epic company luau ever (don’t forget the limbo stick).


INFOGRAPHIC: What Benefits Make for a Complete Compensation Package?

Employees have spoken, and a paycheck alone just won’t cut it anymore. Today’s top talent demands total when it comes to total compensation, and that includes salary, a rewarding culture that celebrates success, and—you guessed it—top-of-the-line benefits.


How to Ditch Your PEO for a Payroll Service Provider

So, you’ve finally decided to head off your PEO and start servicing your payroll elsewhere. That’s a big step forward—a fresh start. You’ve gathered your things, left a note on the fridge, and are walking straight into the direct deposit sunset.


Is Your Startup Classifying Employees Correctly? Here's Why You Should

If your startup is scaling up like a small army, you likely have a few concerns on your mind. Are my managers well-equipped for interviewing? Will our new office have enough space? Is pizza really the tastiest crowd-pleaser when welcoming a new hire? (Spoiler alert: It 100% is.)


April Product Update: Likes, Cobranding, and More!

We’re in the middle of a busy month here at Namely. When not delivering coffee to two of our favorite cities, we’ve been hard at work on an exciting April product update to make Namely even more flexible and engaging than ever. Among piping hot new features are:


Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Love HCM Tech. Here's Why.

The 2015 Human Capital Management (HCM) Vendor Brandscape Report, released just last month by The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit’s (TSCIU) George LaRocque, hit the web with a splash of industry-wide social sharing. Along with a well-received estimation that the HCM market should sport a $131 billion valuation instead of the usually cited $11 to $16 billion, there was one industry trend in particular that resonated with the HCM community, as evidenced by LaRocque’s follow-up blog post on the report.


Employee Benefits 101: An Employer Guide for Growing Companies (Part Two)

Welcome to Employee Benefits 101, a collaboration with Namely’s very own benefits team. This post is the second of two in our series on implementing benefits at your growing company.

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