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Ben Mueller

Ben Mueller is a Content Writer at Namely, the HR, payroll, and benefits platform built for today's employees. Connect with Ben and the Namely team on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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How Magnetic Simplified Employee Benefits and Saved Money with Namely

Every mid-size company reaches a certain number of employees where they can’t help but have HR on the brain—nailing employee benefits strategy, improving payroll process, and better managing the performance of each employee. But imagine the pressure of those initiatives now doubled: two companies coming together with two separate payroll systems, two separate benefits strategies, and two employee populations now performing together.


Employees Aren’t Taking Time Off. Here’s What We Can Do About It.

Time off is a busy HR intersection where personal lives cross paths with business productivity, and trust in your company culture must be the guiding traffic light. Is it any wonder so many employees and companies end up stalled?


Introducing Engage Namely: Namely's Very First Hackathon!

How do you spot a truly engaged employee? Just keep an eye out for the engineer who brings a sleeping bag and tent to the office because he’s so excited to work on his project all night.


Namely Recognized as a 2016 Top Rated Core HR Platform by Software Users on TrustRadius

We are thrilled to announce that Namely is a 2016 Top Rated Core HR software platform reviewed by software users on TrustRadius!


Demystifying Compensation for Everyone

Discussions about compensation tend to be among the most difficult in the workplace. But do your employees know their contributions are valued? Here are a few steps to make sure everyone in your workplace understands their compensation. 


INFOGRAPHIC: How to Stop Wasting Time (and Money) with Payroll

Payroll is one of those things HR simply needs a rock solid process around. It's hard enough keeping up with compliance—from proposed pay equity reporting requirements to the latest local laws. Without the basics down—an efficient foundation for getting your employees paid properly—payroll eats up all your time and becomes a bonafide headache.


Survey Uncovers Working Habits of NYC's Remote Workers

2016 is bound to be one of the most productive years for your company, right? Employees have never had more flexible working arrangements—from freelance projects to remote full-time positions—to give employers the work they need, fast. The new world of work makes for more efficient companies, more diverse organizations, and a boost in productivity when managed correctly.


Introducing Namely's HR News

Better HR is our calling at Namely. We’re committed to providing our clients with technology that feels more human, from modern, intuitive software to product integrations that simply make work easier. This year is also poised to be one of the most legally and administratively challenging years for HR departments everywhere. Today’s workplace is changing—fast—and we know how important it is for you to know what news matters most.


Gifts Galore: How HR Can Kick-Start Workplace Giving

With the holiday season in full swing—and office parties making employees everywhere feel oh so jolly—there are plenty of reasons why this year’s season is merrier than usual. For one, corporate giving is on the rise, and Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the only millennial hot on giving some of his hard earned cash away.

Introducing Paperless Onboarding with eSignature

Onboarding works best when the whole company gets involved. When everyone’s in on the welcome—and when the whole process goes over smoothly—a new hire’s first few days become unforgettable. And when HR seamlessly handles the paperwork online, new employees have one less distraction when meeting the whole team.

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