Ashley Valenzuela-Ruesgen

Ashley Valenzuela-Ruesgen

Ashley Valenzuela-Ruesgen is the HR Director for White Construction Group. In 2018, Ashley was the winner of Namely's first-ever HR Scholarship.

Recent Articles


Why Your Company Needs a ‘New Hire Survival Guide’

I am the first human resources professional White Construction Group (WCG) has hired. When I started, there was no formal onboarding program in place. The company would simply show employees to their desks, tell them who to ask if they had questions, and wish them the best of luck.


It’s Time for a New Approach to Workplace Substance Abuse

Substance abuse in the workplace is an age-old challenge in all industries, not to mention mine. According to one report, the construction industry has the second highest rate of heavy alcohol consumption and substance abuse overall. The high-pressure environment and extended hours typical in construction only exacerbate the problem.

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