Allison Brecher

Allison Brecher

Allison brings over 15 years of legal and regulatory experience to her General Counsel position at Vestwell, having handed high profile and complex litigation involving employee benefits, ERISA, regulatory matters, data privacy, and electronic discovery. Previously, Allison was Senior Assistant General Counsel and Director of Information Management at Marsh & McLennan Companies. Prior to that, she handled ERISA, securities, and directors and officers claims for AIG.

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The Hidden Costs Behind Retirement Plans

When it comes to retirement plans, the number one reason companies change their investment manager or recordkeeper is high fees. However, it is very difficult for plan sponsors to accurately assess fees because these costs are typically confusing, hidden, and convoluted (sometimes intentionally). Not to mention, indirect compensation is often not disclosed, or disclosed in a complex and confusing manner, so as to prevent sponsors from conducting a transparent comparison of service providers and investment options.

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