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5 Tips for Building a Robust Benefits Package

How to go beyond healthcare and offer benefits that resonate with today's workforce.


3 Ways Employee Time Tracking Can Save You Money

Here’s how you can better manage overtime, curb time theft, and eliminate buddy punching.


HR's Next Big Buzzword: 'Homing' from Work

Most employees pay their bills and shop online while on company time. Here’s why that’s a good thing.


Why I Turned Down a Director Title

An HR Manager shares why she said “No, thanks” to a major promotion.


12 Ways to Engage Employees through Recognition

Employee recognition is one of the biggest missed opportunities for managers today. Here's how to make sure you get it right.


Namely Achieves Privacy Shield Self-Certification

Our data privacy and security practices get the green light from the U.S. Department of Commerce to receive EU and Swiss personal data.

07_2017_UnpaidEmployee_Blog Thumbnail.png

How to Be a Direct Deposit Detective

Did a typo get in the way of payroll processing? Here’s how to quickly identify and resolve a data-entry error.


Namely Selected as a Top Company on the Cloud 100 List

We’re honored to be included for the second year in a row.


Is Listening the Key to Employee Engagement?

Active listening may just be the tool you’re looking for.

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What Data Reveals About Unlimited Vacation

There’s a lot of buzz around unlimited PTO, but are employees actually reaping the benefits?

07_2017_HRCareer_Blog Thumbnail.png

How I “Fell” Into HR

Eight professionals share how they got their start in HR.

06_2017_Turnover_Blog Thumbnail.png

High Turnover at High Growth Companies: Fact or Fiction?

The relationship between growth and employee turnover may surprise you. See what our data has to say on the matter.