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8 Spooky Ways to Celebrate Halloween Virtually

From trick-or-treating to hosting festive parties and pumpkin carving contents, HR teams have gotten creative with ways to celebrate Halloween in the office. But as Halloween creeps up on us this year, employees across the country are still working from home.

On top of that, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused employee morale to be at an all time low. So how can you lift your employees’ spirits this spooky holiday season?

To give you some ideas, here are 8 ways companies are celebrating Halloween virtually:

1. Get Decked Out For Online Costume Contents

Halloween is a BIG deal at our company. Normally we throw a Halloween party, complete with a murder mystery theatre event, spooky food, and a costume contest—which this year we're having virtually. Contestants will have 30 seconds to show off their costumes to the entire company, plus 3 independent judges, and then we’ll all vote for the best costume.” Graham D. Collins, Head of Growth (and likely vampire) at QuotaPath

“Since we know that some employees might be in a financial crunch, this Halloween, we will only be allowed to make our own costumes from everyday items! The most creative costume takes home the prize of an edible trophy. Apart from this, we're creating custom Zoom Green Screen filters so that we're all in the Halloween spirit even when we're in a snooze fest of meetings.” — Eduard Klein, Founder, Eduardklein.com

2. Host Scary Movie Screenings

“This year we’ll be having a virtual screening of a scary movie. Everyone can eat their own candy, and we get to see who is the scaredy cat of the bunch of us! Online meetings have been a blessing for us these past few months, and continue to be so useful to us even now. If your company is considering a virtual meeting, I say why not.” Emily Deaton, Financial Journalist at Let Me Bank

“This year, I’ve decided to ask my team to do a scary movie marathon for Halloween. We can all watch movies in costumes while eating some candy or Halloween-themed food and nursing spooky cocktails. I’ve asked them to pitch several movies for us to watch, and I’ve received some interesting suggestions such as The Exorcist, The Shining, and even Hocus Pocus.” — Allan Borch, Founder of DotcomDollar.com

3. Send Spooky Gift Bags & Care Packages

“This year, so as to ensure the safety of our employees, we decided to put off holding a party, and instead sent each of them a carefully curated gift bag to lift their holiday spirits and to show appreciation for the work they're done.” — Tal Shelef, Co-Founder, Condo Wizard

“Since Halloween will look a little different this year, a great way to celebrate is to send candy to your teammates and include a little extra for those who have kids.” — Ian Sells,CEO & Founder at RebateKey

4. Complete Online Escape Rooms

“For the last couple of years, we’ve been doing an escape room for Halloween. Unfortunately, that seems to be out of the cards for now, so we are opting for a virtual escape room instead. This means that we still have to work as a team, but we will be working through the maze over the computer instead.” — Daniel Foley, Founder, Danielfoley.co.uk

5. Tell Eerie Stories & Tales

“This year, we are having a bunch of writers on the team choose or write a short scary story. The winner of this will receive a bonus as well. I figured this is just a fun way for us to spend some time together remotely that isn't directly work related.” — Christine Wang, Founder, The Ski Girl

6. Try Virtual or Augmented Reality

“At the beginning of the quarantine, we created a VR replica of our office to recreate the feeling of personal connection. Our VR/AR team recreated our meeting room and kitchen in record time, and any employee can go there using a virtual reality helmet. Halloween will give this project another boost in development. Exyte has a tradition of decorating the office for this day and hosting a costume party. Now, we are recreating Halloween decorations in our VR office. I must say, it turns out even cooler than in reality, because this year's decor is limited only by imagination. We’ll add some spooky decorations in 3D, like spiderwebs and bats; some of them are going to float in the midair too. We’ll change avatars to skeletons and the like. It will be very unusual and will definitely be remembered by employees for a long time.” — Vasilisa Sheromova, Marketer, Exyte

7. Tap Into Your Company Culture

“This Halloween, we are drinking pumpkin spice lattes from different companies and critiquing them via Zoom. For coffee nerds like us, this is a fun chance to try out the corporate coffee drinks we usually avoid like the plague, and just simply make fun of it! A trick and a treat in one!” — Alex Azoury, Founder & CEO, Home Grounds

8. Play Games With Coworkers & Family

“Recently, we did Halloween Bingo over Zoom which everyone enjoyed and had a lot of fun participating in to break up the work day.” — Deborah Sweeney, CEO, MyCorporation.com

“Never fear, Halloween is still happening at Bounteous! Our exciting Halloween activities include localized Zoom parties, online trick-or-treating utilizing Treat Town (an experience we helped create with our client, Mars Wrigley), spooky crafting kits, a pumpkin carving contest, and a virtual field trip to The Wolf Conservatory.” — Sarah Romine, Senior Director of Culture, Bounteous

From ghosts and haunted houses to scary movies and costumes, October is the spookiest time of the year. But in the world of HR, eerie things can happen all year round. Find out how you can get ahead of the 5 most common HR nightmares here.

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