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7 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day in the Workplace

Celebrating Mother’s Day at work is a wonderful way to engage employees, while recognizing the talented working mothers who help make your business successful.  

While Mother’s Day 2023 is officially on Sunday, May 14, some thoughtful employers will mark the occasion during the workweek. If you’re wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day at work, check out our sure-to-please lineup of Mother’s Day workplace ideas. 

1. Organize a Mom-inspired Potluck Lunch

Most of us have cherished family recipes passed down from our mothers and/or grandmothers—why not invite your employees to bring in a favorite dish? Sharing food—and memories—over lunch can instill a sense of community.

What’s especially nice about this idea is that all employees can participate, regardless of motherhood status. Plus, it showcases the diversity of cultures and cuisines represented in your workforce, making it a fun and fascinating event.  

2. Host a Mother’s Day Brunch 

Whether you go all in or keep it simple (bagels, anyone?), a Mother’s Day office brunch will set a festive tone, while giving employees the opportunity to bond and chat.

Keep the conversation flowing with some mom-themed questions. What’s one of your favorite memories of your mother? What do you consider peak mom behavior? Do you ever catch yourself channeling your mom? You get the idea.  

3. Declare “Take Your Mother to Work Day”

Your company may already observe “Take Your Child to Work Day” in April. “Take Your Mother to Work Day” is like that—minus the juice boxes and coloring books. Invite your employees to bring their moms and mom-like figures to the office for the day, either in person or virtually.

Encourage attending moms to sit in on meetings and contribute their two cents, while learning more about their offsprings’ work. Because all employees can participate—and interact with each other’s moms—this may become a favorite company event. 

4. Spring for Mother’s Day Office Gifts  

A single rose, a box of chocolate, fancy lotion…what hardworking mom wouldn’t love to find a small surprise like that on her desk? Thoughtful gestures go a long way with employees, especially those who embody the concept of maintaining work-life balance.

5. Hold an Office “Momtest”  

Every office has some: those uber-prepared, unflappable coworkers who out-mom everyone else. Here’s a chance to recognize them for the nurturing role they play in your workforce.

For example, who is your go-to authority on collective company knowledge? Who always has a candy dish on their desk? Who’s got the most kid pics on display? Poll your workforce, and award your winners with playful certificates or fitting trophies, like a “best work mom” coffee mug. Bonus: winners needn’t be moms to win!   

6. Treat Working Mothers to In-office Spa Sessions

Every mom appreciates a little pampering—and, really, who deserves it more? Consider booking a massage therapist or esthetician for the day and inviting working moms to sign up for a massage or facial.

This is a treat they’ll be talking about all year—and don’t be surprised if dads demand equal time when Father’s Day comes around.     

7. Create a Mother’s Day Photo Collage

Create a real or virtual Mother’s Day themed cork board, and invite your employees to post photos of their kids, moms, grandmoms, and like-a-moms—along with captions and/or short stories. This will allow employees to share a different side of themselves and may lead to some more genuine interactions. Plus, it’s super interesting and engaging, too!

Of course, the real question for employers isn’t how to celebrate Mother’s Day at work, but how to show working moms that you value them year-round.

Obviously, part of the answer is to provide stellar family-friendly policies and benefits. Like generous maternity leave. A demonstrated commitment to gender equality. Accessible pregnancy accommodations. These are the things that working mothers truly want and appreciate.  

Chances are, working moms are among the most dedicated, creative multi-taskers in your workforce. Learn how Namely’s talent solution can help you give them what they need—and read more tips on creating a workplace culture that is rich in parental support. 

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