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5 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day at Work

Happy Star Wars Day—May the fourth be with you! As most life forms know, May 4 is that wondrous day of the year when the universe celebrates all things Star Wars. A pun on the Star Wars franchise’s most-famous catchphrase, it’s not just for diehard fans, but an opportunity for businesses to bring some levity into the workplace. 

After all, celebrating lighthearted “holidays” at work increases employee morale and engagement. Whimsical office celebrations can help employees connect with one another over an enjoyable experience—and a few shared smiles.

In addition, marking pop-culture occasions like Star Wars Day (not to be confused with Star Wars Life Day, a Wookie holiday celebrated in November) can foster team building and inclusivity, as employees of all backgrounds can participate equally. It may also boost creativity, when workers are encouraged to express their own forms of celebration.

Chances are, you have some serious practitioners of Star Wars fandom among your ranks, as well as some folks who couldn’t care less. It’s all good, as long as everyone is free to participate as much or little as they choose. Wondering how to celebrate Star Wars Day at work? Grab your lightsaber—and scope out our Star Wars Day office ideas. 

1. Encourage Star Wars Day Attire

One quick way to get in the intergalactic spirit is to put the corporate dress code on pause and hold a lunchtime costume party. Everyone will enjoy seeing Jedi and Sith warriors prowling around the office—or admiring some vintage Star Wars tee shirts and Princess Leia hair buns.

Manage a remote workforce? Consider holding a virtual costume contest. There’s a good chance that Darth Vader or Hans Solo will make an appearance. 

2. Hold a Star Wars Day Trivia Contest

Test your office’s collective Star Wars Day knowledge by hosting a trivia contest at some point during the workday. You can make it an individual or team building competition, and perhaps offer themed prizes to the winners (yes, they make Star Wars office supplies). You can find all levels of movie trivia questions online. Give your most-passionate Star Wars aficionados a chance to shine! 

3. Organize a Star Wars Day Potluck Lunch

Believe it or not, there is a whole galaxy of Star Wars recipes out there awaiting discovery—and this is a great way for employees to showcase their creative culinary talents. Post a sign-up sheet for those who choose to participate, or keep it simple with Star Wars Day-themed snacks. Wookie cookies, anyone? How about some gingerbread stormtroopers?  

4. Invite Star Wars Day Workspace Décor 

Today is the day that employees are free to transform their workspace into galaxies far, far away. Invite them to hang posters of their favorite characters, display their collectibles, or print out some inspirational quotes—extra points if they also apply to the workplace. (Our favorite: Yoda’s “Do or don’t do…there is no ‘try.'”) Bonus: remote workers can really participate here, too.  

5. Celebrate Star Wars Day Virtually

Outer space, cyberspace…what’s the difference? Another fun Star Wars Day office idea is to encourage employees to use Star Wars-themed gifs in their emails today or download a Star Wars video background for virtual meetings. And speaking of which, perhaps you’ll want to open every meeting by playing the Star Wars movie theme, inspiring your people to reach for the stars!

Work is serious business, but taking the time to celebrate small moments will create a happier workplace. For more support getting the best from your people, checkout Namely’s talent solutions. And for more fun occasions to celebrate at work, download our HR Calendar

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