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5 Ways to Connect Employees to Your Company Mission

Many budding entrepreneurs have been driving their business blindfolded because they’re lacking one important ingredient to success: a clear mission.

Your mission statement can communicate your company values to your employees—which, in this metaphor, are your passengers. Your ability to make sure your employees are heading in the same direction and are 100 percent on board with your mission can help you break down business barriers.

Here are 5 ways you can make that happen:

1. Identify Your Company Mission and Vision

A company’s vision and mission are closely intertwined, but they are not interchangeable. By differentiating between the two, you and your employees can achieve unity as you work towards your main goals (your vision), and look for radical ways to achieve them (your mission). 

A company’s vision is the end goal. It is the realization of a company’s dream, and it gives you, your stakeholders, and your employees a deep sense of purpose. It is the biggest “why” behind all your business actions and strategies. 

A mission statement is the roadmap. It helps your company navigate through the never-ending turns that can make or break your business. A solid, well-defined company mission creates organizational structure by helping employees understand your principles and values as a company. Put simply, if your vision is the WHY, your mission is the HOW.

2. Communicate Your Mission and Cultural Values

As a leader, it is your responsibility to lay down clear ground rules for your employees to follow. Your company mission, along with your cultural values, serve as your team’s guiding principles. It allows employees to differentiate what is morally, ethically, and culturally acceptable from what is not. 

Through digital platforms, you can easily convey your company’s mission and reevaluate your employees’ level of understanding and commitment to your goals.

For example, you can involve your employees in posts on your company’s social media accounts. There are many types of content you can use for this purpose, like a “Meet the Team” social series that introduces each member and explains how they individually help you carry out your company’s mission.

3. Encourage Openness in Your Workspace

An organization’s success relies on how strong their communication channels are between group members. If those channels are unclear or break down, it can lead to a chaotic work environment. 

By eliminating communication barriers and encouraging openness, you can achieve your goals as one unit. One way to obtain ideas and responses from your team members is through surveys that enable you to take a quick look at your employees’ perspectives. Be sure to also capture employee feedback to managers in anonymous surveys. Doing this will give you an indication of how well your management efforts are going over with your employees.

These surveys should be done regularly and ask questions to assess whether employees:

  • Understand your company’s mission and think it aligns with their personal goals
  • Think that their work is contributing value to your company’s mission and goal
  • Are motivated and engaged

4. Realign Your Business Strategies

External factors can greatly impact your business, so it’s important to reassess your company by conducting performance reviews. Reviews can help you determine whether employees:

  • Are still working towards your company’s mission and vision
  • Understand their roles in achieving your short and long-term goals 

By conducting these reviews, you’re not only evaluating your employees and your business strategies, but you’re also demonstrating a sense of unity and accountability. Through this, you can gather feedback—which will help realign your strategies with your mission and vision, while motivating employees to grow professionally. 

It’s also helpful to create a unified approach in dealing with business transactions, as this can increase your employees’ sense of purpose and belonging. For instance, when writing an email, encourage the whole team to use a company email signature that shows uniformity across all your platforms. This simple strategy can help your employees feel more connected and aligned to your company’s mission and vision.

5. Celebrate Small Wins

Studies show that some of the reasons why many employees hand over their resignation include lack of growth and self-fulfillment. As an employer, you’re responsible for creating a work environment that provides opportunities for both. Remember that when each member grows, you all grow together. This can be done by:

  • Providing constructive criticism on areas that need improvement
  • Celebrating small achievements by creating a reward program that works for your team

By celebrating small wins, you can show your employees that you see and appreciate their efforts, and in turn, create a productive workplace.

Want to learn more about managing employees who are motivated and connected? Check out our blog post Everything You Need To Know About Employee Management.

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