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5 HR Tech Tips to Drive Your Employee Experience Strategy

In today’s fast-paced world, HR leaders need an employee experience strategy that drives strong and effective performance. But even the most experienced professionals can’t execute strategies without the right resources in place.

That’s where HR technology comes in.

By strengthening collaboration and communication between employees, HR tech improves efficiency and productivity. It can help save time, streamline workflows, reduce workloads, and create opportunities for teams to connect. All of these key ingredients come together to power the employee experience. 

Here are 5 HR tech tips to help you build a successful employee experience strategy:

1. Teach & Track New Skills

Mobile learning has revolutionized the way employees access information and participate in professional development programs. Through mobile educational tools, you can train your employees from anywhere, at any time. This can help improve their skill set in a way that’s convenient for them and gives you greater control over the process from start to finish. 

Along with developing new skills, technology can also help employees track their growth. Many mobile learning systems allow for testing, assessments, and customization of courses. This adds an element of sustainability to your employee experience strategy, proactively supporting employees who are looking to advance their careers and build knowledge.

2. Promote Employee Engagement

As COVID-19 continues to prevent in-person interactions, using HR tech to engage your employees has never been more important. HR platforms enable employees to interact and connect with each other virtually. For instance, the Namely newsfeed encourages employees to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and appreciate their colleagues—giving them ownership over communication and facilitating conversations that engage employees.  

Since increased engagement leads to better productivity and 21 percent higher profitability, it’s a no-brainer to use technology to boost employee morale. This creates a happier workplace, which is an essential component of a successful employee experience strategy.

3. Apply People Analytics

People analytics arm HR leaders with the data they need to make better decisions about the direction of their employee experience strategy. Diving into data can help you understand talent trends, examine business spending patterns, and ensure pay equity. By utilizing people analytics, you can track and measure organizational performance empowered by real-time information. You’ll be able to identify and fill talent gaps, enhance company initiatives, and get a clear picture of where your company stands in relation to its goals. 

4. Streamline Task Management

Having efficient HR processes is key to building a successful employee experience strategy. On both the employee and organizational level, it’s important to complete tasks as simply and accurately as possible. 

Task management tools help improve workflow and team coordination by automating internal processes, saving time, and ultimately reducing cost. These user-friendly applications can speed up project management timelines and smoothen operational tasks. By streamlining everything in one place, employees can visualize their contributions and take action where needed—which will enhance their overall experience.

5. Modernize Hiring

From the offer letter to onboarding, the right recruiting technology can simplify the hiring process and help your company stay ahead of the competition. 

Job seekers today want to be part of an organization that stays relevant and uses modern technology to make their lives easier. Recruiting technology can streamline job postings, automate background checks, and customize job applications. This makes the transition from candidate to employee much smoother, and demonstrates the strength of your employee experience strategy. 

In the world of remote work, companies that use HR technology will have an advantage in creating a positive employee experience. To learn more about how to improve employee engagement and collaboration in the hybrid workplace, check out our recent blog post.

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