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5 Benefit Tips for New York Companies

These days, as a New York employer, it’s more important than ever to provide unique benefits to your employees to engage and retain talent. With the evolving state of the remote job market, you’re also more likely to attract top talent from New York (and beyond) by offering exciting incentives and job perks during the recruitment process. In fact, 60 percent of candidates report that benefits and perks are a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer.

By offering great benefits, employers can help employees envision what their future will look like and differentiate themselves as a place people want to work. In order to remain competitive and prepared for the future of remote work, New York employers must think outside the box.

Here are 5 tips we’ve gathered to help you conquer the world of New York employee benefits:

1. Fitness & Wellness

As the pandemic persists, New York employees are continuing to prioritize physical and mental well-being and looking for employers that can help them achieve their wellness goals. From offering fitness subsidies to providing access to online classes, giving employees the opportunity to destress and stay healthy is a great way to incorporate balance into your benefits offering. Companies may provide Classpass memberships or credits to New York’s top fitness classes, which lets employees curate their fitness routine. 

Employees will appreciate the chance to get moving outside of the office, as well as the ability to customize their workout experience. Many employees enjoy bonding with their colleagues over shared workouts, especially in the world of remote work with less time together in person.

2. Flexible Hours

With remote work here to stay, New York job candidates will be looking for flexibility with their hours, and the ability to remain working remotely part-time even after the office fully reopens. As New York often sets the standard for other job markets, it makes an impact when New York employers take the lead on promoting workplace flexibility. 

By loosening restrictions around employee working hours, employers are helping their employees achieve work-life balance, something we’ve all had to reevaluate as a result of the pandemic. Giving them the autonomy to schedule their day in a way that works best for them helps them optimize time for family and personal obligations. This can actually help boost engagement, as they feel more empowered and respected by their employer.

3. Professional Development & Tuition Reimbursement

Many New York employees are seeking to progress in their career—companies who provide the opportunity for them to develop their professional skills are considered a huge asset and are highly compelling places to work. Some companies may offer in-house professional development programs, but employees also welcome development perks such as tuition reimbursement, financial support for continued education, and even student loan assistance. Employers can grant access to online courses, provide internal training, create reach assignments with follow-up discussions, or initiate a mentorship program

Professional development programs can help bolster employee confidence and create job satisfaction. It supports employees in their goals to advance their careers and become the experts in their field. It encourages career longevity for employees and higher retention and engagement for employers. Employers should consider aligning their organizational strategy to the training and education of their employees, which translates to a mutually beneficial investment in the long term.

4. Mental Health Support

During the current crisis, providing access to mental health resources is another critical way to show New York employees that you care about their well-being and happiness. New York has been hit especially hard by COVID-19, but remains resilient—companies can create resiliency within their workforce through implementing benefits that directly support their employees’ mental health. 

Organizations can offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides counseling services or informational services that assist with big changes like moving to a new home or having a child. Companies can also provide access to wellness seminars and discussions, as well as meditation apps and online support. 

Employees that have the tools to manage their mental and emotional health will be happier, healthier, and better equipped to deal with the challenges that come with remote work during a pandemic. Offering mental health benefits also destigmatizes mental illness, and cultivates a culture of understanding and compassion.

5. Giving Back 

It’s becoming increasingly appealing for New York talent to work with socially responsible organizations—in fact, 71 percent of employees say it’s very important to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering. Employees gravitate toward brands that impact progress in their communities because these companies align with their values. 

Employers can help facilitate this through matching monetary charitable contributions or providing volunteering opportunities, and collaborating with local organizations, such as New York Cares or Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC. You can also partner with Bright Funds, a platform that empowers workplace giving, volunteerism and grants management. You can even get involved with causes employees care about to drive awareness, giving the employee the chance to lead the volunteer effort. 

New Yorkers want to make a difference in their communities and will value working somewhere that prioritizes being of service and taking action to better the world around them. This promotes gratitude, appreciation, and a feeling of security during these uncertain times. It also encourages brand loyalty because employees will associate the rewards and positivity from giving back with the company brand.

Still interested in learning more about employee benefits? Check out our post on 4 Benefits New Candidates Will Be Looking For In A Post-COVID World.

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