Your 2018 Federal & State Tax Tool


It’s not the flashiest part of your job, but it’s core: payroll. Paying your people accurately is the bare minimum your employees expect—and unfortunately, it's also one of the hardest things to get right. For multistate employers especially, payroll tax compliance ranks as the hardest part of HR’s job.

Need a hand? This month we’ve updated our federal & state payroll tax tool for the new year. You can use it to lookup state minimum wages, contribution limits, FICA and FUTA rates, and much more. It’s like and your state tax agency’s website, all rolled into one.

As regulations and rules change, we’ll continue to update the tool throughout the year. Just check the top of the page to see when the tool was last updated. If the change is significant enough, we’ll also publish a full report on it via HR News

 federal and state payroll tax tool

Topics: Payroll, Compliance, Taxes

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